Creating Change One Glass at a Time

The Feelgood Tap raises funds to support local and regional nonprofits throughout Michigan with a focus on community, culture, and wellness. The funds raised will further the work these nonprofits do within communities throughout the state.

In addition, we seek to scale high frequency, small-amount giving to create significant impact without needing to seek large grants or endowments.

Goal for Members? Keep participation simple. Provide marketing collateral that makes execution easy. Don't create unnecessary work for members. Make sure participation fits neatly into the way members already do business.

Simply put: beer bars, breweries, and other craft beer-loving restaurants pick any beer from their menu, raise the price by $1, and let consumers do the giving. At the end of each month, those $1 contributions get passed to us and we deploy the funds throughout the State of Michigan to nonprofits doing good work.

For more info or to raise your glass for change contact us at: